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Baltimore Fitness Academy

The mission of the Baltimore Fitness Academy (BMoreFit) is to provide youth with physical fitness skills for lifelong, healthy living. BMoreFit’s signature initiative is the BMoreFit Kit designed to enable and promote fitness breaks in any setting, at any time.

Across Baltimore, teachers struggle to maintain order in their classrooms, and maintain the attention of their students. At the same time, our schools lack the money for full-fledged physical education — the one thing that has been clinically proven to keep students engaged and learning. The unfortunate result is disruptive or distracted students, lower test scores, and growing obesity.

The BMoreFit program was specifically created to solve these twin problems in a way that principals can actually afford. Rather than pulling kids out of class for gym, we help teachers lead short in-class fitness breaks. These get children active, wake them up, and help them burn off energy so that they can focus on learning. Our program has already been successfully implemented across Baltimore, at places like Holabird Elementary, Roland Park Elementary, Guilford Elementary, Belmont Elementary, Harlem Park Elementary, and KIPP. At these and other schools, our trained professionals have worked with teachers and administrators to integrate fitness into the classroom, as well as into the culture of the school. We have been able to pay for these services — in whole or in part — through outside donors, dramatically reducing the cost to principals.

Join BMoreFit in the important task of helping our youth lead healthy lifestyles.

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